Electrolytic and chemical plating Surface Treatments QUIZ

This manufacturing knowledge Quiz was created in collaboration with Aalberts Surface Treatment Eindhoven.
Thanks to Matty Wijnen.

Below are the names of the five best entries:
1) Kris de Moerloze (LAB motion systems)
2) Roger Op Het Veld (ASML)
3) Joris Munninghoff (Veco precision)
4) William Cuylits (ASML)
5) Laurens van Lieshout (LICON)
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Electrolytic and chemical plating Surface Treatments

Manufacturing knowledge quiz, learn to improve. Thanks to "Aalberts Surface Treatment Eindhoven".

1) Nickel plating is an?(Vereist)
2) What is during a conversion coating process use?(Vereist)
3) Anodizing is an?(Vereist)
4) What is the cathode in an electrolytic plating process?(Vereist)
5) The “Dogbone” effect is only seen at a?(Vereist)
6) An electrolytic nickel process is solderable?(Vereist)
7) A tin coating is allowed in the food industry?(Vereist)
8) A good alternative for hard chromium is?(Vereist)
9) Chemical high phosphor is mainly used for?(Vereist)
10) How can we avoid air pockets during plating?(Vereist)


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