Manufacturing Technology Conference

The aim of this Manufacturing Technology conference is to bring together technicians from the design and manufacturing industry to share knowledge.

  • The Manufacturing Technology Conference is the place to share and learn about how products can be manufactured.
  • The conference will involve a combination of oral and digital communication.
  • On this page you will find all the further details you can expect during this event.
  • We try to give manufacturing techniques the attention they deserve. If you also share this opinion, then work with us or support these activities.

If you have any questions about participating or sponsoring this event, please contact Karin Mous Mikrocentrum (E-mail address).

We hope to cooperate with you soon.


  • Contribute to increasing and strengthening the manufacturing technology knowledge in the manufacturing industry.
  • Bring technicians together to exchange knowledge.
  • 100% focus on technology.
  • Supported by ASML and Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • Technology information will stay available through the Knowledge Sharing Centre (KSC) platform.


Knowledge of manufacturability is essential in product development. With the Manufacturing Technology Conference, we boost the knowledge about manufacturability for engineers and help them looking for possibilities to use.

During this day, 100 different manufacturing technologies will be shown. We invite you as a specialist of a certain technology, to explain the possibilities and limits of this technology. This is how designers can enrich their knowledge of manufacturability in one day by having one-on-one conversation with your specialists about the use of manufacturability.

From added value to solving a function.

The Knowledge Sharing Centre

We would like to welcome you to the Knowledge Sharing Centre platform. An independent non-profit platform where collaboration is key.

Our positioning:

The KSC is the connector between companies from the design and manufacturing industry, which bundles knowledge in an accessible way to achieve joint growth and collaborations on a trusted basis.

Our vision:

The Knowledge Sharing Centre is an independent platform, located in the Netherlands, that facilitates knowledge assurance and sharing so that the chains of the manufacturing industry can perform competitively and successfully worldwide.

Program Manufacturing Technology Conference 2023

Knowledge sharing, that is what it is all about during the Manufacturing Technology Conference.

Exchanging knowledge and experience through:

  • 3 keynotes
  • 4 masterclasses
  • 9 tech talks
  • Poster sessions during the day

Visitor profile

The main target audience are employees who are involved with technology during their work employees who, during their work, are engaged in technology such as engineers, new product introduction, supply chain, quality or purchasing who are challenged every day to come up with the smart solutions of tomorrow. To give them the tools to make the right choices during the process, we want to give them an overview of the different technologies and possibilities.

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Exhibitor profile

Suppliers who are engaged in the production or assembly of parts in the manufacturability industry chain.

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Connection process
  • Forming Process
  • Removal process
  • Treatments
  • Measuring
  • Assemble parts
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Collaboration to success

This Manufacturing Technology is organized in collaboration with the Mikrocentrum. Your registrations will therefore be processed by the Mikrocentrum in close cooperation with the Knowledge Sharing Centre.

Questions can be directed to Karin Mous Mikrocentrum (E-mail address), program manager for the manufacturing industry.