Tungsten carbide


This manufacturing knowledge Quiz was created in collaboration with CERATIZIT and Craft Education.

Here you can participate in a manufacturing quiz, with which you can check your knowledge about Tungsten carbide. We will announce the winner of this quiz at the beginning of the coming year.

The participants have the chance to win, one of the two, “Tungsten carbide” courses, worth two hundred euros, to learn even more about the use of this technique.

Have fun completing the questions.

Tungsten carbide

(1) What is cemented carbide?(Vereist)
2) What is the most commonly used carbide binder material?(Vereist)
(3) What do we call the carbide phase before sintering?(Vereist)
(4) At what temperature is carbide sintered?(Vereist)
(5) What percentage in volume does hard metal shrink during sintering?(Vereist)
(6) Which carbide has the highest hardness?(Vereist)
(7) Which carbide has the highest bending strength?(Vereist)
(8) Which carbide has the highest fracture toughness?(Vereist)
(9) What is the hardest material?(Vereist)

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