Poster MTC 2023

Guidelines for creating your poster

On this page you will find the relevant information to create and submit your poster.
We will look for a collaboration between a designer and a manufacturing expert to arrive at a good poster through the right collaboration.

Download pdf


  • If your application is accepted we will send you a pre-processed poster for editing. (Publisher file)
  • Do not change the layout or cover any of the features of the template.
  • On the white center plane you can give shape to your process explanation.



  • Process picture with brief explanation.
  • Limits and design constraints.
  • Do’s and don’ts.
  • Cost.
  • Machinery.
  • Example products.

Authors, Acknowledgements, Confidentiality, Peer Review

  • Do not forget to inform us of (co-)authors of a poster, add them in a word of thanks at the bottom of the poster.
  • Third party and supplier names may not be mentioned without express permission from that third party or supplier.
  • Datasets and technical drawings provided by third parties cannot be included unless use is authorized by the Information Owner.
  • Only confidential information can be shared, no trade secret or technical top secret is allowed. If in doubt, please contact the owner of the information.

Style, text, visuals

  • The poster must be written in English.
  • The text is clear and to the point (use bullet points, numbering and headings for easy reading).
  • Use visual elements instead of text whenever possible.
  • Keep in mind that if your poster also hangs in a location, it should be readable from a small distance. (Smallest font size is 24.)
  • Animations or movies in your poster are not allowed (your poster will be converted to an image file for both the online platform and a location).


  • Posters must be ready by The end of December 2022.

After submission

  • After submission, your poster will be assessed for quality and intellectual property protection by an assessment committee.
  • In the run-up to the conference, we will publish a list of all posters, where they will be shown with a short summary.
  • Poster is displayed on the specially made website.
  • Since it is not possible to present your poster live on the platform, it is highly recommended to provide an explanatory description of your technique that will be added to the landing page of your poster.

Personal Representation:

  • Your posters will be displayed during the event. This means that at least one person from the team of authors must be present at the event location on February 14, ready to talk to the visitors.
  • This will have to be a technical content person and not a salesperson.