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KSC Event - 06 december 2023

KSC Workshop – Measuring Techniques

Storkstraat 30 ,3905 KX Veenendaal

Measuring is an important part of achieving good, manufacturable products, measuring is an important lubricant to get from design to manufacturable products.

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KSC Event - 26 oktober 2023

FMEA Inspiration Day 2023

HTC 29 ,5656 HE Eindhoven

Welcome to the highly anticipated FMEA Inspiration Day 2023!

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KSC Event - 30 november 2022

Tungsten carbide & Complex milling part

De Run 6635 ,5504 DT Veldhoven

The use of tungsten carbide &
The effective way to a Complex milling part.

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KSC Event - 15 september 2022

Risk management & FMEA seminar

De Run ,5504 DR Veldhoven

Companies are challenged by the complexity of technology and the demand of high-quality products. This makes identifying and mitigating risks in an early stage of development essential.

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KSC Event - 13 september 2022

How to design parts for AM in machinery

Brainport Industries Campus BIC 1 ,5657BX Eindhoven

How to design parts for AM in machinery
Click on the logo to go to the supplier details.

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KSC Event - 10 mei 2022

Hoe belangrijk is kennis voor uw organisatie?

Esp 101 ,5633 AA Eindhoven


Hoe belangrijk is kennis voor uw organisatie?
De plannen van het Knowledge Sharing Centre (KSC) en Netwerk borrel!

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KSC Event - 29 maart 2022

Deep press sheet material

De Haak 4 ,5555 XK Valkenswaard

Family business

Deep drawing is a shaping technique in which metal sheet is converted into a seam-free three-dimensional shape under mechanical pressure through plastic deformation.

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KSC Event - 08 maart 2022

Non-Destructive Inspection of AM parts by CT

Xantener Str. 6 ,41460 Neuss

This webinar Dr. Thomas Kleinteich provide an overview of computed tomography (CT) applications at different stages of the AM process.

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