Explanation for Supplier

Welcome as a possible participant supplier in the first
Manufacturing Technology Conference 2023

By sharing knowledge you draw attention to your technology within the manufacturing industry.

Our goal is to have as many different techniques as possible, some even double.

Since there are several suppliers for many techniques, we have to be strict with the registrations and will therefore sometimes have to disappoint suppliers. Sorry about that but it’s a recurring event so more opportunities are coming.

For this purpose a content committee has been appointed, consisting of employees of ASML, Thermo Fisher Scientific and partners of the Knowledge Sharing Centre.

FREE learning to present

How do you effectively transfer knowledge in such a way that others understand it and can do something with it?

Cost for participation

Would you like to share your manufacturing knowledge with engineers?

Participation fee: €2.495,- Ex. VAT*
To avoid over-representation of a certain technology, a maximum per category has been set.
Participation is in order of application and after approval of the content you want to show at the

* members of Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform and members of the Knowledge Sharing Centre receive a 10% discount.

This includes:

  • Poster – One banner (100 x 250) to show your manufacturing technology*
  • Company – One banner (100 x 250) with your company profile
  • Part presentation – One small pedestal (40×40) to showcase your technology
  • Technology presentation – Create and record a technical presentation where the technique is further explained*
  • Part of the Knowledge Sharing Centre Community for free until 31-05-2023.
  • Power and Wifi
  • Coffee, tea, soda, lunch

Download the exhibitor brochure 

*All manufacturing technologies must be shown in the same template provided by the organization.

If you have a process that you think might be interesting, let us know your story and we’ll always get back to you.

Offer your technology

After accepting your offer

After accepting your offer, you can start delivering your content. We wish you a lot of wisdom and for questions we are ready to help you.

Questions can be directed to Karin Mous Mikrocentrum (E-mail address), program manager for the manufacturing industry.


Posters can be seen at the ‘Manufacturing Technology Conference” event and afterwards they will be available online for an even wider audience.

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Brief summary

The summary is intended to explain the content of your poster and presentation in a short and inviting way to potential visitors to encourage them to come and see your poster.

  • It can contain up to 500 characters, including spaces.
  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • Try to indicate the added value of your process.


While making and presenting a poster, it is also the intention to further recommend your technique by making a presentation where you can go into more details of the process.

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You need help?


If you need help finding the right content or creating the right items to be delivered, please let us know or contact one of our partners below.